The LaCosta Clan at the Ole Time Fiddler's Convention, June 2006 The Motley Crew


Well, the girls said they would treat me for my I made them suffer through a whole day of Ole Time Fiddles, BlueGrass, Hammered Dulcimer, Autoharp and Clogging. A few weeks ago, Liza treated me to a Blue Grass Festival in Southern Maryland....and found out the hard way that not only do I do a bit of Gospel singing....but I also yodel and periodically slide into the "High and Lonesome" sound. Wait until they see me play wash tub.

Note: I have been lucky enough to play tub informally with Bill Harrel and the Virginians and some other Bluegrass groups. Just a hick at heart.

As you can see, the girls get better and better looking, and Thom gets older and fatter!


Thom, Liza and Jessica

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