The Deck - 2002

    View of the new deck and this years plants. The camera is at the end of the porch where it meets the house. The plants are a collection of those that made it through the winter that the cats didn't eat.

   As you can see, I can stand at the end of the deck and reach over to the utility pole. The houses you see in the background are on South Charles Street and face the rear of Olive Street.


   This is the view from the end of the deck towards the house. In true South Baltimore Style, no space is wasted. The soon to die air conditioner serves as a handy shelf for more plants. Note: If this family had moved to the county, they'd have dead refrigerators and washers stored on their porch in place of the air conditioner. The overall dimensions of the deck are 8 x 10. The deck covers the entire back yard and is just within the property line.

Close Up of Plants

   While most of us would think these are houseplants, they are really a test of urban wild life. Much to my chagrin, soon after moving all the plants from the inside and the lower yard to the deck, I discovered that some critters started eating the plants.

   'Appears that the critters don't eat ornamental plants...they only go after what I like to eat....parsley, oregano, rosemary, lavender, I've given up on edibles and have resigned myself to growing plants that the critters will enjoy viewing, not eating.

TroubleMaker off the Hook

   During the initial "What the Hell is Eating My Plants?" stage, the primary suspect was the cart. Fiendish little devil had discovered that by simply pulling the screen out of the tracks in the NEW screen door he could get outside and enjoy the forbidden pleasures of fresh air and greenery.

   After long hours of investigation, under the cover of relaxing and enjoying red wine in the deck, it was determined that the cat is not guilty of pant eating.

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